Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our Treatment Process

If your doctor or specialist has requested you start CPAP treatment for sleep apnea, you are in the right place.

Regional Rehab & Mobility offers clients the option to trial CPAP equipment and masks to find what works best for them. We offer regular free of charge downloads and consultations during your trial period and work to help you find the perfect mask fit.

Before treatment can start, we require a referral from your Doctor or Specialist. The referral can be sent to us by post, email, fax or in person.

Our hire program is organized for 1 month at a time [2 months maximum in most cases].

The payment on the day of ‘set up’ consists of:

  • CPAP machine hire for 1 month
  • CPAP mask hire for 1 month
  • Education and set up fee with free downloads/consultations whilst hiring

Please contact the friendly CPAP staff to discuss all hire charges as these can vary depending on your situation.

  • Our CPAP staff will discuss your specific needs stated on the referral and answer any questions you have about the sleep report, CPAP treatment and expected outcomes.
  • A thorough explanation of how to use and care for your equipment it is given to you along with an information sheet to take home with you.
  • A hire contract with terms and conditions is set up, signed and copies given.
  • An appointment is arranged for a download of the information recorded in 1 – 2 weeks time.
  • You are encouraged to contact us if you have any problems during the hire period; there is no need to wait for your next appointment.
  • A mask fit session to ensure you are comfortable and it will suit your needs – even when a mask type/size has been suggested by your doctor.

A download appointment – the data card/USB stick which has your sleep data recorded on it is used to make a report to send to your doctor/specialist. Please bring all of your equipment to your first few appointments.


The download will show how you are managing with using the CPAP equipment, and how treatment is progressing.  It allows staff to check the mask fit and change masks if necessary.


It is also a time where you can share your struggles, ask new questions or adjustments can be made.


It is very important to attend your download appointments so the best treatment can be gained quickly.


If you are unable to keep an appointment – please call us and we can reschedule.

A final download appointment will be arranged and the long term options will be discussed with you.


If purchasing, we will provide you with price lists and/or quotes. We often have CPAP machines on sale for you to choose from.


On the day of purchase a final download will be completed and sent to your doctor.

If you purchase within the 1st month – your initial month hire will be deducted off the cost of your equipment.

Your new equipment will be set up exactly the same as the hire equipment you have been using.

We will provide you with your original referrals, any sleep study reports and copies of your invoice for you to provide to your private health fund. Two free downloads are offered with all CPAP equipment purchases.

Please contact us if you would like more information, would like hire prices or wish to schedule an appointment.