Ottobock Terra Pressure Care Cushion



The Otto Bock range of support cushions are designed to provide high-levels of comfort and stability. The modular design is ideal for individuals at high risk of pressure ulcers and those with conditions that change over time.
Otto Bock wheelchair cushions are made up of Floam, a polymer gel that provides pressure relief and support. The individual cells can be replaced for postural realignment and pressure distribution. The range offers long-term performance with minimal maintenance.
The Otto Bock cushions come in a number of standard sizes, along with custom sizes for optimised fit. They also feature a washable cover, and come with a two year warranty.



Ottobock Rest Suspension Foam Technology:

  • Elastically modified for excellent pressure redistribution
  • Reducing shock transmission from rough terrain
  • Consistent performance over time for reliable results


Anatomically moulded profile:

  • Redistribution of pressure away from the ischial tuberocities
  • Trochanter supports for pressure redistribution and stability
  • Medial and lateral support for thigh positioning



  • Easy to apply and the benchmark in “new generation” cushions
  • Excellent ride comfort
  • High level stability for activities and transfer
  • Excellent pressure redistribution
  • Maintenance free
  • Additional Features:
  • Water resistant, Dartex® outer cover
  • Cover washable at 40°–60°C
  • Ring zip pull, and zip on three sides, for easy cover removal
  • Additional inner incontinence barrier available
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg
  • Cushion weight: 1043 g for 40.5 x 40.5 cm


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Size Options

35.5cm x 35.5 cm, 35.5cm x 40.5 cm, 38.0cm x 40.5 cm, 40.5cm x 40.5 cm, 40.5cm x 45.5 cm, 40.5cm x 50.5 cm, 43.0cm x 40.5 cm, 43.0cm x 45.5 cm, 43.0cm x 50.5 cm, 45.5cm x 40.5 cm, 45.5cm x 45.5 cm, 45.5cm x 50.5 cm, 50.5cm x 40.5 cm, 50.5cm x 45.5 cm, 50.5cm x 50.5 cm

DVA Approved