Jobst Bella Strong Compression Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets



Lymphedema can be one of the most troubling complications after breast cancer treatment. Optimal fitting compression garments effectively control lymphedema and edema in the upper limb, giving true confidence and enhancing quality of life.


JOBST ® Bella Strong Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve and Gauntlet – worn together or separately – effectively control moderate to severe lymphedema and edema.


Patients are more likely to be compliant when they feel comfortable wearing a compression garment. The advanced JOBST® Bella Strong two-waystretch armsleeve has been developed to make compression therapy more comfortable without Compromising medical efficacy.


JOBST® Bella  Strong – Armsleeve

  • Comfort Flat wristband reduces rolling and improves durability
  • Improved elastic silicone band * with a true 2” footprint
  • Provides secure hold up
  • Helps prevent curling edges
  • Helps prevent constrictions
  • Color matched to gauntlet * Available with knitted top band.


JOBST® Bella  Strong – Gauntlet

  • Significantly flattened seams avoid thumb web
  • Extended wrist avoids pinching at the wrist
  • Comfort Flat wrist seam reduces rolling


Naturally Effective


The new JOBS® Bella  Strong provides patients with the latest development in fi ber science. The skin-friendly multifi ber nylon combines the clinically effective management of lymphedema with a natural feeling. All day long, day after day.


  • JOBST Bella Strong features excellent wicking properties with a cotton-like feel.
  • JOBST® Advanced comfort helps to regulate relative humidity, feeling cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cool conditions.



Measuring Guide


  • Measure early in the morning before you are mobile to ensure there is as little swelling as possible
  • If you have purchased stockings before, please check your measurements are still the same to ensure the new stockings will fit correctly
  • If they are too loose, they will not be as effective and if they are too tight, they may cause discomfort


Please record your measurements and include them in the comments section when placing your order so that we may also confirm the correct size has been selected.








It is essential to ensure that stockings are fitted correctly to ensure that they are comfortable and are able to best aid circulation

  • Ensure your arms and hands are completely dry
  • Remove all rings and jewelry to avoid damaging the fabric
  • Avoid gathering or bunching up the fabric
  • Make sure that there are no creases or folds in the stockings
  • When removing, be sure not to stretch your stockings as they may become too long


Discuss with your allied health professional or a staff member if you have any concerns.


If problems persist, please come in store to see a staff member. Our staff are happy to demonstrate correct application and can guide you to other products to assist you further.