Funke X- Seat Wheelchair Cushion



Introducing the Funke X-Seat pressure care cushion. It has been designed with wheelchair users in mind and aims to reduce pressure sores developed from extended periods of sitting.


  • Hyperelastic foam core with bodyshaping functionality
  • This cushion offers excellent pressure relief and reduces pressure sores
  • The top plate is made from visco foam and the bottom is HR foam
  • The PU-Tex-Cover is removable and washable at up to 60 degrees and disinfectable by wiping
  • The mesh 3 fabric is permeable to water vapour with a liquid barrier coating


Seat Height


Size Options

380mm x 400mm, 400mm x 420mm, 410mm x 460mm, 420mm x 420mm, 420mm x 460mm, 450mm x 420mm, 450mm x 440mm, 450mm x 460mm, 480mm x 420mm, 480mm x 440mm, 480 x 450mm, 510mm x 450mm, 520mm x 520mm

DVA Approved