our Trial Equipment

Regional Rehab and Mobility offers clients the option to trial a range of Disabled, Aged Care and Mobility products in store or at home with the assistance of occupational and physio therapists.


We offer our knowledge to our clients to assist them in finding the product they are after. Our trials enable clients to come into the store and try out the scooter, wheelchair, walker or many other items for themselves to get a feel for it’s suitability.


We also offer occupational and physio therapists the option to arrange the trial of our equipment with the client and their families in the comfort of their own home.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange to trial any of our equipment in the comfort of your own home with your occupational or physio therapist, or in store with our well trained staff.


For our occupational and physio therapists, please feel free to download our trial request forms and attach it to the ‘contact us’ form provided.