COVID-19 - Current Precautions

Taking Care To Slow The Spead of COVID-19

In our stores, our staff are taking the utmost care to ensure all the following procedures are followed: 



  • Hand sanitizer is readily available for staff and customers to use 
  • Surfaces are disinfected between customers (reception counter, office desks, EFTPOS, chairs etc)
  • Disposable covers are readily available for all in store bed / lift chair equipment trials 
  • Disposable bed and pillows covers for use during CPAP mask fits 
  • Staff are regularly washing their hands and practicing social distancing
  • Staff have constant access to gloves and use them when counting cash, fitting CPAP masks or fitting garments on customers
  • Hire equipment is thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant, washed and dried in the sun
  • All CPAP hire equipment is cleaned using an Ozone disinfectant device and washed to the highest temp possible (as recommend by the supplier) using hospital grade disinfectant and mask & hose soap
  • Our delivery drivers follow strict cleaning procedures to sanitize their vans and equipment
  • All staff ensure their personal hygiene is to the highest standard and have clearance to work


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please refrain from coming into our stores.

We are happy to work with you to have your items collected by a family member or friend, or delivered to your doorstep. 

Please view the Service, Repairs & Delivery page for more information on our delivery process.